Visibility is the key

Taras Retail has been specifically designed to address the challenges posed by the retail sector such as zero hours contracts, complex shift patterns, multi site working and high levels of HR workload.

Using taras retail your business can quickly and accurately identify issues in areas such as poor timekeeping, unauthorised absence, payroll accuracy and compliance as well as substantially reducing general HR workload.

TARAS For Retail Businesses

Businesses need to accommodate the ever changing attitudes of employees along with serving changing customer preferences. Hence, they need a workforce strategy for the automated age such that they can ultimately better cater to the customers.

Accurate Attendance Recording

Accurate time recording benefits both the employee and employer alike by significantly reducing the number of staff queries with regard to payroll and leaves.

Visibility of Off Site Staff

Many retail business have staff working across multiple locations or away from main sites and it is just as important to have full visibility in these situations. TARAS retail utilises the GPS and mobile technologies to enable business to accurately record when and where an off-site employee “clocks in”, thereby ensuring that mobile employees are where they should be when starting work.

Budgeted Operations Made Easy

To address unforeseen incidents such as bed weather or large sporting events etc. the Taras hierarchical management structure enables senior management to override pre-set budgeted hours on a case by case basis.

Adequate Staffing Level

Using the Taras calendar functions managers are able to quickly and accurately match staffing levels to forecasted demand thereby reducing staff surpluses or shortages.

Holiday Manager

As staff numbers within a business increase the task of maintaining accurate holiday and attendance records also becomes increasingly difficult therefore making it vital to have accurate real time tracking of holiday and attendance records. Taras uses the latest biometric technologies such as fingerprint and facial recognition to provide accurate collection of employee attendance data which is then used to provide accurate real time holiday entitlement information for both employee and employer use.