Fostering a culture of efficient management

All of them have one fuel running in them i.e. People, and presence of workforce calls for their smooth management.

There are professionals like Lawyers, Chartered Accountants (Cas) and Doctors. These practitioners usually have office premises which boast of small yet a specialised skill based staff. More often than not, management of such a staff is considered hassle free and easy – which it is, provided the office is TARAS enabled.

Cloud based HR

By using the latest biometric, PC and mobile technologies coupled with a secure and robust cloud database architecture Taras provides one of the most advanced and cost effective workforce management systems available today.

Right Time, Right Record

By using Taras your business can have the confidence to offer flexible working hours whilst being safe in the knowledge that all attendance is recorded accurately and securely. By utilizing multiple attendance collection methods Taras enables businesses to offer flexible working to workers irrespective of workplace location.

Holiday Planner

The taras holiday tracking features allow managers and HR personnel to accurately keep track of leave requests, leave accrual and unauthorised absence. By using the taras employee portal staff are able to view holiday entitlement, submit leave requests and receive leave approval notifications.

Reduced HR workload

As part of its design taras has been built to incorporate a wide range of HR functions sucha as payroll, employee record files, holiday tracking, grievance procedures, background checks and much more. Although no systems could ever totally replace the human element of HR taras goes a long way towards reducing HR workloads and providing HR savings.

Document storage and compliance

Unlike many much more basic systems taras has the facility to store scanned documentation such as qualitifcations, training records, employment references and passport/visa copies. A valuable benefit of document storage is the ability to extract visa and work permit expiry information to ensure regulatory compliance.

Multiple Location, Single Software

For locations with no internet access such as building sites or new offices in the process of being fitted out Taras provides inbuilt mobile data access for their biometric readers.