Beyond The Ordinary Box
Zero Capital
Low Cost
Business Process

HR View

Taras system centralises much of the HR process allowing various stake holders to interact with the system in real time via web and smart mobile devices. It automates various functions for multiple departments and job roles making the system an invaluable asset to leverage workforce performance.

Enterprise View

These locations can be spread across vast regions or may be situated in a nearby area; Taras WMS transparently views the locations and provides real time connectivity via web and smart mobile devices. The system also allows integration of mobile workforce.

Hight Returns

Businesses require zero capital investment because TARAS bundles the necessary server, hardware, software, and support services such as implementation, updates, security, and business continuity into a low cost monthly subscription. Hence, the cloud based software pays for itself in the first quarter.

Mobility - The New Management

Business owners can swiftly access their entire management data by using the cloud based software from anywhere in the world and schedule and manage all of staff's time card details.

Improves Productivity

The self-service by employees in TARAS enables an employee to log-in to view time-card details, latest schedules, shift changes and request leaves that save his time and greatly reduce paper based responses. Consequently, employees and managers can utilise the time saved towards more productive tasks.

Security is Priority

All stored data is encrypted using 4 different types of Security Standards. Your entire data is stored in our UK based data centers. Therefore, responsibility of data security and protection from loss of data is transferred from the client to us.

Perfect Foil for your Business

There are work patterns that are specific to each business. TARAS is a completely agile and customisable system. It is built in a way to seamlessly fit in your existing procedures, making you feel that it is an indispensable mold for your processes.

Payroll Pains Eliminated

TARAS systematically automates payroll management by calculating time and attendance based on the captured attendance. The data is readily transferable to payroll processing software(s). Smooth export of hours is done directly as per the requirement of your payroll provider.