Survival of the fittest

Number of octogenarians (Aged between 80 and 89) is going to double in the near future* and aged care costs are already on the rise. In such scenarios, it is inevitable to expect a strong leadership from the government. At the same time, Care Homes will invariably be required to step up focused research, strategise and plan their care activities in renewed ways for a long-term sustainability. A piecemeal approach towards remodeling care operations amidst depleting resources will be futile; A cloud based workforce management system might form your first step!


TARAS for your Care Home

As with any other business workforce costs in the care sector make up a very significant part of overall operational expenditure; however, in addition to Taras standard workforce management functions such as attendance monitoring and holiday tracking Taras also provides features specifically designed to address specific challenges of the care sector.

Right Care for Each Resident

As more and more emphasis is placed on providing care tailored to individual residents needs it is important for providers to be able to match skills to requirements. The Taras skills and compliance function enables providers to match skills availability to residents needs thereby ensuring optimum levels of care

Compliance and record keeping

Compliance is a critical area for the care sector and the Taras employee record function gives providers the ability to ensure real time compliance in areas such as work permits, immigration status and qualification status. As well as providing the ability to store scanned documents or certificates. Taras will also automatically send notifications when any compliance or qualification document is due to expire.

Housebound care services

For care providers offering “at home” care services the Taras mobile app provides the ideal management solution. Both care workers and providers can benefit from the Taras mobile app by accurately tracking the time spent at each home as well as being able to show documented records in the case of disputed visits.

Care Plus for your Care Home

Care plus provides additional functions targeted at helping providers manage the functions and facilities of individual care homes.

Improved Documentation

By using Taras Care Plus providers can automate and improve record keeping for things such as start/stop dates of residents stay, residents sponsors details, status of the stay, individual care needs, residents incident records etc.

Residents Invoicing and accounting

As an example the social service department may agree a payment of £600 per week for care but a family member may wish to pay a premium for a room with garden view at £ 700, using CarePlus the provider can automatically invoice £ 600 to social services and £ 100 to the individual.

Suppliers' Record-Keeping

Due to Taras’ extensive experience in the cloud accounting sector all CarePlus features can be tailored to individual business needs.