Reduce Administrative Cost

Automatic attendance, quick reporting and faster communication result in reduction of administrative cost by up to 40%. With an automated system in place, risk of human error and tedious calculations of attendance data is reduced, leading to savings in time. Using a cloud based system reduces a bulk of manual paper work, which has a great positive impact on reducing the carbon footprint of the overall organisation.

Reduce Payroll Cost

Time theft by employees has become involuntary than intentional activity in organisations. Deployment of biometric enabled TARAS ensures that you pay for only those worked hours that have been rendered by employees. Our system generates powerful & accurate time sheets that can seamlessly be exported to your sophisticated payroll provider.

Power Saving

Traditional legacy software require large amount of IT equipment to function. Running such large systems consume power, adding to the cost of maintaining such solutions. TARAS is a cloud based software that runs on systems hosted by us. Therefore, your power bill will never factor in costs associated with operating such servers

Free Updates

Experience-empowering constant updates on TARAS are provided to you for free. These changes, that otherwise cost time & money to implement, collectively correspond with the changes happening within your business. With all these changes, the system works swiftly and is made more relevant to your operational needs.

Complete System Support

Reduce pressure on your in-house IT personnel with our service of software support. Because following the quick set-up of TARAS, you receive complete system support from us.

Zero Infrastructure

Because the application is hosted by TARAS, large investments on expensive infrastructure like servers, licences, databases, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff and maintenance are completely eliminated. Our system runs for you on a low cost monthly subscription model.