Better Compliance, Stronger Organisation

Ensuring regulatory compliance not only enables the company to safe guard it self against heafty
penalites but also creates a stronger organisation built on stable workforce. Better compliance
creates stronger organisation establishing better reputation and improved market presence

Holidays - Tracked & Calculated

Daily attendance record of staff in TARAS generates a comprehensive package in itself.It automatically reflects accrued leaves as well as the count on holidays taken and remaining for the year for each employee. TARAS defines rigorous annual holiday calculation of staff, which extends the software's utility as an efficient compliance manager. Employees get an overview of complete holiday analysis. This stabilises overall operations, improves employer-employee relations and fosters a culture of transparency within the organisation.

  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Accrued leave

Serving the Rights of Disables

Through the feature of “special needs”, TARAS provides a medium to HR managers for a proficient record-keeping of each detail. In matters relating to disabled staff member(s), a steady data in hand allows HR managers and supervisors to work as a team

Health & Safety

Additionally, safely record any subsequent investigation that you might have undertaken. Such an automated system becomes a reliable tool as it safe-keeps history of events and accurately brings to you what happened over time. The fact that serious record of such incidences have been taken make employees feel valued.

Disciplinary & Grievance Records

Record complaints and any deviation from proper code of conduct in the module of “ Grievances ”. The feature is dedicated to cater to the aggrieved parties through precise record-keeping. The dates will bestored automatically as the events proceed, with records of any recourse taken, parties involved etc. Collection of grievance and redressal data that can quickly be retrieved ensures compliance to the law. It results in development of a culture where employees feel supported.

Right To Work Worked Out

Additionally, the company must record evidence of the permit. Therefore, as an employer, your responsibilities increase when you have migrants working for your organisation.

TARAS acts like an “ automated HR expert” that sends necessary compliance alerts to you before expiry of permits. It help you to take necessary action to preempt any legal hassle or penalty.