Biometrics and RFID Attendance

Biometric device is a fingerprint based time & attendance system for all kinds of office and factory premises. This tamper proof fingerprint device eliminates the administrative cost involved with the conventional ID card or swipe cards and prevents proxy attendance.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

Biometric fingerprint device is a robust solution ranging from single door to multiple entrances having complex requirements. The solution is more secured because of the simple fact that fingerprint is unique to an individual. There is no room for error at all.

Fingerprint of each employee must be enrolled with the database to make biometric fingerprint device function effectively. In order to establish the identity of the employee, the fingerprints are registered and when an employee swaps finger, the image of the fingerprint is matched with the one stored in the database. After the fingerprint matches, the biometric fingerprint reader marks the attendance of the employee for each day along with the time of punching in

Most importantly, fingerprints of each person are recorded and stored as binary hash. Hence, the organisation can't retract the fingerprints once they have been encrypted.

Biometric fingerprint device is multi location compatible. Daily attendance data of employees, collected from different organisational branches, is presented through the interface of TARAS, along with date & time. The cloud software acts like a centrally managed workforce system that consolidates the data of your staff to generate powerful reports like employee report, attendance and leave detail report, shift allocation report, amongst others.

  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Completely secured encrypted system
  • Eliminates buddy punching and faster than recording manual attendance
  • Generates automated time-sheets that lead to accurate payment
  • A very convenient device for your business

RFID Attendance

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is another attendance authentication system. Prominent components of RFID solutions are RFID Tags (transponders) having a unique ID number and an RFID Reader for reading the RFID Tag.

In a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based system, the RFID readers are installed at the doorway. It requires the person's proximity card to read the record. RFID based attendance systems have bar-code labels that automatically verify the identity of the person.