Mobile Based Attendance with GPS Location Tagging

With mobile based attendance, your On-Field Staff is also integrated under one centrally managed system. This app is convenient for salesmen, delivery men, drivers and other business people like for regional managers, who travel often and have to execute tasks while on the go. The smart-phone based App supports all Android enabled phones.

Global Positioning System

The app allows mobile based staff to clock in and clock out of job sites by defining the geographical boundaries of their location. The visited place (Geo-Fencing) can be marked on the map using Global Positioning System (GPS). The service fosters accountability because logging in and logging out time gets immediately recorded in manager's database.

Industry Usage

The sector of Care Homes is also characterised by Elderly Care Helper who serve the senior by paying a few hours of home-visits and tending to their regular needs. With Mobile based Attendance, such elderly care helper can clock in on reaching the client's residence and on completion of their tasks, they can clock out. In a non-office based work like this, the service of mobile app enhances the sense of responsibility in your workers. Equally, with accuracy of data available with you, it improves the overall quality of your organisation's service.

Managers can now assign daily tasks to the on-field staff and receive attendance alerts from them. Through the facility of Employee Self Service Portal (ESSP), the staff member too only sees the shifts that s/he is qualified for. Managers get an overview of the daily shifts through the calendar.

  • Accurate clocking in lets you track job attendance
  • Improves workforce productivity & accountability
  • Rich reporting tools that can be exported to the company's back office systems
  • Precise hours-of-service report leads to accurate payroll