Computer Log-on Attendance for Office based Staff

Beside biometric fingerprint device, another authentication system that exists is - Computer Logon Attendance. The employee, on entering his workplace signs into his computer.

Accurate Registration

The said action registers attendance of the employee for the day along with the time in TARAS database. This type of attendance registration system isn't internet and browser based yet leverages the computer technology to record accurate attendance for accurate payroll management.

The employee can sign out or log off the computer when s/he goes for a break and the accurate break hours are also recorded in the system as and when the employee signs in after returning from the break.

The time at which the employee enters the workplace till the time he signs in is a not accounted for. Thus, it only records the time when the employee actually starts working. Accurate registration of break hours translates to record of actual working hours rendered.

  • Useful in organisations having office based staff
  • Brings in a sense of urgency in the employee
  • Records actual working hours since any loss of time is eliminated