Data Stored in UK based Data Centres

Headquartered in the UK, we provide a multi-layered security to our state-of-the art data centres that host the important data of our clients.

Our Data Centres

According to the Data Centre Risk Index, 2013, the UK has been ranked as the lowest risk European country to establish and run data centre operations. With a score of 89.53 out of 100, UK stands at 2nd position in terms of risks likely to affect successful data centres, in the 30 most important global markets. Such a position of the UK is predominantly due to high international internet bandwidth capacity, data centre resilience, ease of doing business and overall political stability.

Our data centres provide secure and highly enabling environments, managed servers and high speed connectivity services. Thus, it provides our cloud service customers with assurance and security at the back of their minds.

Legal Compliance

As per data protection laws of the UK, data hosted with data centres is prohibited to be transferred to anywhere beyond the physical boundaries of the nation. Our data centres are designed to comply with such laws therefore, it completely eliminates misuse or sharing of data.

Physical Security

TARAS's data centres have the provision of security facilities right from the entrance. There are access control systems which allow entry via electronic keys. Biometric fingerprint devices are in place to establish the identity of employees. Internal CCTV cameras record all the activities happening within the premises of our data centres.

Hazard Proof

We have multiple internet connections in place to ensure that your business is never offline and is protected at all times. Also, considering the amount of power that is consumed and heat generated within data centres, we sincerely understand that protection from fire is of paramount importance. Hence, smoke detectors are installed that act as an early warning system. Additionally, we also have the provision of fire extinguishers to combat any potential fire that may develop.

The key highlight of our data centres is that they are equipped to provide a cushion against other potential hazards like earthquake and bomb-blast. Further, our data centres possess everything like power, disks, memory, basic input/output system (BIOS), switches, routers and bandwidth. All our servers are highly robust and equipped with latest hardware and software, firewall and anti-virus protections at all times. Thus, responsibility of data security and foolproof protection from loss of data is transferred from the client to us.

Greater Uptime

We guarantee 99.99% Up Time availability of our system. To host your precious data, we bring the most resilient of equipment to ensure that your business does not experience a moment of downtime. Because your data is hosted with us in the cloud, we understand that the data needs to be available with you at all times.