Whole is greater than the sum of its parts

TARAS consolidates numerous HR aspects in one software. This results in streamlined management and comprehensive savings, all at once. It is an interactive system which connects your workforce and management together. As a convenient platform, TARAS enables management to perform essential HR tasks, which would otherwise be tedious if done separately and manually.

Employee Management

Efficient management of workforce form the essence of TARAS system. Once an employee has established a touch-point with a business organisation, collectively record his/her personal details, recruitment, training, compliance & special needs (if any), disciplinary, grievance, transfer details, rewards and benefits, promotion and increment details in the centrally managed software.

Intuitive Dashboard

Be data-smart with the intuitive dashboard that TARAS cloud is powered with. At the very outset, this visualisation tool is packed with consolidated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - all displayed on a single screen. Gain intelligent insights on quick workforce metrics for a stable management.

Accurate Attendance Recording

TARAS generates automated time-sheets that conveniently replace the tireless process of maintaining manual attendance. Based on user access rights and deployment of biometric enabled TARAS, view attendance of workforce at anytime, from anywhere. It enables managers to track attendance data like worked hours, overtime, absence and weekend worked hours.
  • Attendance data presented as per your organisational rules
  • View real-time branch attendance
  • Attendance hours can seamlessly be exported to leading payroll software
  • Option to calculate absence via Bradford factor

Multiple Attendance Collection

TARAS deploys multiple attendance collection technologies to accurately collect employee attendance data using Biometric Fingerprint Devices, Smart Mobile Devices and Computer Log-on service.

  • Record attendance of field, work from home and in-office based staff
  • Fingerprints are converted to binary hash that can't be retracted
  • Eliminates buddy punching and attendance frauds
  • No tedious attendance calculations
  • Work Scheduling and Forecasting

    Built-in self-learning smart shift system in TARAS makes scheduling easy. Flexible team scheduling calendar helps managers to effectively schedule shifts for their teams.

    Holiday Management

    TARAS automates leave recording which ensures that holidays are efficiently tracked, enabling better co-ordination and compliance. Empower staff to request leaves and entitle managers to deal with leave requests in real time. Usage of technology for real-time management is conducive to empowering, engaging and enabling work environment.

    Document Management System (DMS)

    Storage and timely retrieval of documents are huge challenges faced by organisations today. They are time consuming tasks, further harassed by space constraints considering physical storage. Perils of misfiling are now driving the choice towards electronic storage of documents. However, soft copies are hard to find as well, in absence of integration with central workforce repositories. TARAS automates storage of documents. It empowers managers to quickly access workforce documents that are safely preserved in the TARAS profiles of the staff. Presence of cloud system helps accelerate collection, processing, filing and retrieval of documents – conveniently.

    TARAS can electronically store documents which may be mandated by law or is required as per company policy

    Mobile Workforce Management

    TARAS Mobile App expands management beyond the boundaries of your organisation. The slick application features flexible schedulers for assigning daily schedules, real-time attendance portal for monitoring clock-in time by staff and engaging tabs for requesting as well as dealing with leave requests. They are efficiency drivers that make management nimbler while you are on the go.

    Android app on Google Play


    TARAS provides an extremely useful facility of employee self-service portal (ESSP) that engages your staff with the management. Using ESSP, view complete work details, attendance clock in time, assigned shifts and holidays used and available. Additionally, create holiday requests and clock in to mark attendance irrespective of your location. The portal integrates tasks that are done individually by presenting necessary details at a single place.